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Tae Kwon Do, one of the most popular styles of marital arts in the world today, is a Korean art involving hand to hand combat and defense. Many Tae Kwon Do schools teach Olympic or sport-style Tae Kwon Do, where the purpose of the lesson is physical fitness and competition. Lotus Blossom School of Martial Arts teaches the traditional fighting style that fathered the modern Tae Kwon Do. The emphasis is on self-defense, as well as personal social balance.

Specific Benefits from Tae Kwon Do Training for Children

Tae Kwon Do is much more than punching and kicking. Our curriculum has been developed over years of teaching, working with other master instructors. Together we have put together a children’s program that improves the child both physically and emotionally.

  • Our curriculum is designed to improve your child’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Our class structure teaches your child discipline and respect.
  • Our instructors work to improve your child’s focus and concentration.
  • Our program teaches your child how to handle bully and stranger situations.
  • Our program teaches life skills such as good manners, good attitude, good habits and good self-control.
  • Our drills and activities channel your child’s energy.
  • Our program teaches your child how to defend themselves if necessary.
  • Our program is a lot of fun

Specific Benefits from Tae Kwon Do Training for Adults

Our workouts will improve your balance and flexibility.There have been many adults who started Tae Kwon Do looking for one benefit but then they realized there are many benefits associated with Tae Kwon Do. The adult curriculum combines technique, self-defense, cardio vascular, stretching and relaxation breathing which improves both the body and mind.

  • Our workouts will also improve your cardiovascular and increase muscle tone.
  • Our relaxation techniques and breathing help to relieve stress.
  • Our curriculum is designed to give you confidence.
  • Our program could save you from serious injury.
  • Our program is an excellent way for the family to spend quality time together.
  • Our school’s family friendly atmosphere will help you make new friends.
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